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Wholesale | Lychee Love Caffeinated Wholesale Case(s)

Wholesale | Lychee Love Caffeinated Wholesale Case(s)

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Get it while it is in stock, special limited edition flavor and our first ever 5mg THC option.

Nibbana Lychee Love Caffeinated Seltzer with 5mg THC it's sessionable, wellness-focused (sugar-free, zero calories, natural ingredients), and energizing (with 90mg caffeine). It's the perfect non-alcoholic choice for great margins and increased sales.

  • Each 12oz Can has 2.5mg of THC
  • Gluten-Free | Vegan 
  • Natural Ingredients
  • No Sugar 
  • No Calories
  • No Alcohol
  • 24 cans per case

21+ Not Safe for Children: The THC found in this product is derived from hemp as required and defined by federal, state, and local laws.   

Ingredients: Carbonated RO Water, Natural Flavors, Lime Juice, Malic Acid, Sea Salt, Ascorbic Acid, Green Coffee Caffeine, Hemp-Derived Delta-9 THC

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Sessionable. Functional. Seltzers.

A crisp and delicious way to sell more.

NA + daily option for consumers means more volume.

  • Build your Buzz

    Most of our drinks are 2.5MG THC and allows you to have full control over your buzz.

  • Functionality

    Elevate with caffeine, chill and relax with non-caffeinated. Nibbana is made with functionality to showcase the power of cannabis.

  • Sessionable

    From new to expert cannabis consumers, Nibbana is loved for it's crisp and refreshing taste and how you can drink multiple.

  • Premium Quality

    All of our products are lab tested and uses premium hemp-derived THC. Made in Minnesota.

  • Everyday Use

    Nibbana offers a delicious, delightful and smoke-free solution to your THC needs.

  • Natural Ingredients

    All of our flavors use natural ingredients and come from fruit extract.