Hemp-Derived THC: Is it legal? How??

Hemp-Derived THC: Is it legal? How??

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Ever find yourself scratching your head about what’s cool and what’s not in the hemp THC world? We don’t blame you; it’s like keeping up with the rules of a board game that change depending on where you're playing! Let's shed some light on hemp-derived THC, shall we?

2018 Farm Bill: The Green Light

Remember 2018? Other than being the year of “dank memes”, it was a big deal for cannabinoid lovers. The Farm Bill gave the thumbs up to hemp-derived products as long as a few rules were followed. You might have seen a “<0.3% THC” symbol on a hemp product—that’s one such rule that requires hemp products be less than 0.3% THC by weight. That means that a gummy (like our Watermelon Wave) that weighs 5g can legally have up to 15mg of THC in it.

State Laws: The Plot Thickens

If federal law was the main course, state laws are the mix-and-match buffet. Some states are totally on board with hemp THC, while others are still deciding if they want to join the party. So far, four states have completely banned hemp THC: Idaho, Kansas, North Carolina, and Wyoming. Keeping up with your local laws is key to enjoying hemp THC without any hiccups.

Stay in the Know

We at Nibbana are all about keeping you in the loop. Our blog and guides are like your legal GPS, helping you navigate the ever-changing world of hemp THC laws. Being clued up means you can chill out with our products, stress-free.

So, there you have it! Staying on top of the legal side of hemp THC isn’t just smart, it’s essential. We like to think it's part of the adventure.

Cheers to legal fun 🍃💧

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