Experience the benefits of cannabinoids in a better-for-you way

No sugar. No calories. Natural ingredients. Caffeinated options for extra functionality.

Legal hemp-derived THC, shipping nationwide.

Grapefruit Day Glow Candy

Functionality Built In

All Nibbana products are made with intention to enhance your experience. Functional ingredients like THCv and caffeine to help you stay in full control of your Nibbana.

Grapefruit DayGlow Gummies

Gluten Free + Vegan

Lab-tested for quality and safety. Vegan & gluten free. These are the minimum Nibbana standards. All of our products are made with premium hemp-derived THC.

Sour Watermelon Gummies
Graperuit Glow

Anywhere, Any Activity, Anytime

Functionality for every occasion. Nibbana caffeinated for outings and social events. Non-caffeinated for your leisure, yoga, down time and relaxation. Keep discovering your Nibbana any time, any day. 

Grapefruit Glow Caffeinated

All of the flavors are so good! The Grapefruit Glow is light & refreshing with a caffeine kick, Blue Razz is a treat & Watermelon Wave tastes like a jolly rancher!

Sarah | @theressomethingaboutperry

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  • Build your Buzz

    Our standard drinks are 2.5MG THC so you can have full control over your buzz.

  • Functional

    Elevate with caffeine, chill and relax with non-caffeinated. Nibbana is made for functionality to showcase the power of cannabinoids.

  • Sessionable

    From new to expert consumers, Nibbana is loved for its crisp and refreshing taste. Drink one or many, your choice.

  • Premium Quality

    All Nibbana products are lab-tested and use premium hemp-derived THC. Made in Minnesota.

  • Everyday Use

    Nibbana offers a delicious, delightful and smoke-free solution to your functional needs.

  • Natural Ingredients

    All Nibbana flavors use natural ingredients derived from fruit extracts.

  • THC vs. CBD

    THC is the primary cannabinoid associated with euphoric effects; it's the life of the party in the hemp plant. CBD offers many of the calming, anti-inflammatory benefits of THC, but without any intoxication.

  • How much to take?

    Each person reacts differently to THC. Depending on your experience, tolerance, setting and mindset; each experience can be unique. We recommend starting with one full serving of Nibbana at a time. Precisely dosed with intention, 2.5mg is a safe, controllable starting point for THC.

Build your buzz

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