Concerts, Creativity, and Cannabis: THC at Music Festivals

Concerts, Creativity, and Cannabis: THC at Music Festivals

THC and tunes - a match made in festival heaven? Whether you’re canna-curious, are drinking less alcohol, or just want to try something new, let's explore how hemp products like Nibbana are vibing with the beats at music festivals and concerts.


The Festival Scene:

From coast to coast, concert and festival goers are turning away from alcohol and toward THC to enhance the experience. We chat with festival-goers who've made our products part of their musical journey—the most common responses are:

  1. Curious about THC but didn’t have easy, legal access before
  2. Actively working to drink less alcohol or stop completely
  3. “Why not both?”


It’s equally about having fun and enhancing the sensory experience, responsibly.


Our Partnerships:

We've teamed up with local concert group Dance Agenda, integrating Nibbana drinks into the local house/techno scene. They’ve hosted acts like MauP and Lutrell, and Nibbana was flowing all night. Is it a coincidence that people seem to have much more fun at a Dance Agenda event? Who’s to say. 



Whether you're at the rail front-row or chilling on the grass way in the back, THC can add a great deal to your festival experience. Remember, moderation and understanding your limits are key to a great time. Enjoy responsibly!

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