The Science Behind THC Absorption: Drinks vs. Gummies

The Science Behind THC Absorption: Drinks vs. Gummies

The Science Behind THC Absorption: Drinks vs. Gummies


Let's unravel the science of THC absorption in drinks and gummies, and debunk a common misconception: not all THC products kick in at the same pace!

“Fast-Acting” THC in Drinks Thanks to the wonders of nano-emulsification (fancy word for mixing things which normally don’t like to be mixed), THC molecules are broken down into tiny, water-soluble particles, which are absorbed quickly in the intestines. This process significantly speeds up the onset of effects - typically 15-20 minutes, much faster than regular THC. It's a quantum leap in the world of THC beverages, ensuring that your relaxation or buzz kicks in sooner rather than later.

Gummies: A Journey to 11-hydroxy THC Now, let's talk gummies. Traditional gummies first break down in the intestines. However, the THC doesn't spring into action until it reaches the liver, where it's converted into 11-hydroxy THC, a potent metabolite. This conversion, along with the journey through the digestive system, accounts for the longer onset time of 60-90 minutes. It's a more gradual and extended experience, offering a different kind of journey for THC enthusiasts. If you’ve ever wondered why eating cannabinoids makes for such a different experience than inhaling, now you know why!

Understanding the Experience This knowledge about absorption rates isn't just scientific trivia; it's crucial for tailoring your THC experience. Quick and energetic or slow and steady? The choice is yours, and it all depends on what your goals and intentions are. At Nibbana, we're committed to providing you with all the info you need to make informed choices about THC products, whether or not they’re ours (though we certainly prefer.

So, whether you're team drink or team gummy, understanding the science of absorption enhances your experience and appreciation of our products.

Here's to fast-acting sips and slow-unfolding bites, each with their own unique charm! 🍃💧

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