Traveling with Hemp THC: Is it allowed? Is it legal?

Traveling with Hemp THC: Is it allowed? Is it legal?

On the Go with Nibbana! 🌿

Planning a trip and want to take your favorite hemp THC products along? As always, we recommend reading up on your local and destination laws around hemp products—we’re not lawyers. With that out of the way, here’s how to make it a smooth ride:

Know the Laws Check the laws of your destination. Flying from one state in the US to another? The TSA says hemp products (i.e. those with less than 0.3% THC) are totally allowed. Guess what? ALL Nibbana products are less than 0.3% THC by weight. Do with that information what you will. ;)

As for international travel, we recommend against it. If you do choose to, do so at your own risk knowing that it’s possible it’ll lead to complications or even legal troubles.

Pack Smart Keep products in their original packaging – it's like having your ID handy. If you want to cover all your bases, you can print out a lab test from that product’s website, which can be used to prove its legality. A little extra, sure, but aren’t we all from time to time? Ultimately, do what you are comfortable with (making sure not to blatantly break the rules, of course).

Respect the Space Traveling means new spaces and faces. Enjoy your hemp THC discreetly and respectfully. Lead with common sense, and think of yourself as a representative of who and what the modern cannabinoid consumer is—whatever that means to you.

Traveling with hemp THC can be a breeze with a little prep. Here’s to new horizons and hemp-friendly adventures!

Safe travels and happy trails, Nibbana nomads! 🍃💧

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