About Nibbana

Our Value

As you probably know, there are countless options available right now in the CBD market. With many options, it can be overwhelming to decide which product may be right for you. We understand the challenge. As avid CBD consumers, we encountered the same dynamics and eventually grew tired of looking for the right solution. We decided to take matters into our own hands, determined to get back to the basics and deliver a gimmick free, premium organic CBD product line to the market.

Nibbana- Safe. Organic. Premium Quality. CBD Products

 Our Process

Like a fine wine or high-quality cup of coffee, good CBD oil is all about quality ingredients. We realized right away that in order to reach the level of quality that consumers deserve; we would need to start with high quality ingredients. After looking expansively across the United States, we landed on a local supplier. We walked the land, put our hands in the dirt, talked about their horticulture practices, plant varieties.

Small Batch Extraction

Growing great hemp is a good start but only gets you halfway to the goal. The next step is the extraction process. We first start by selecting the highest quality hemp plants, removing any that don’t meet our strict criteria. After that the product is dried down to the perfect moisture level and then the oil is delicately extracted, removing the CBD oil along with terpenes, flavonoids, and over 400 active compounds naturally present in the hemp plant. We mix the raw oil with a premium organic MCT oil, delivering a nice golden color with great consistency.

Independently Verified for Safety and Potency

Each batch is sent to a 3rd party laboratory prior to bottling in order to ensure safety and potency. As you may know, there are very little federal guidelines in place to regulate safety. Since quality is our top priority, we are rigorously testing our products, exceeding most of the industry. From heavy metals, to pesticides, impurities, THC, and much more, we run each batch through the highest levels of testing and discard any raw product that doesn’t meet these guidelines.

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